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About Giftster - Our Story

The Idea

The idea behind giftster is simple – a lifetime family gift registry you can set up once and use forever to give and get the gifts that matter most. Because there is always something to celebrate - holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduation, new babies, new homes or just because, Giftster is the place to share gift ideas with family and friends online or on the go.

Giftster is your personal, year-round registry.

Giftster membership soared in 2019 to almost one million members, and we’re grateful to everyone who’s made us a permanent part of their family celebrations. The goal of the creative team behind giftster is to provide a simple, practical and free tool for families and groups of friends to capture the joy of thoughtful gift giving without the anxiety, wasted time and money involved with getting and giving gifts that miss the mark. Giftster is here for you, whenever and wherever a gift-giving occasion happens. Just check giftster!

Get started now – open your free membership online, or download the iPhone or iPad app, or the Android App from Google Play or simply point your small screen mobile browser to

Why us, why now?

Personally, I have a passion to help people steward their resources wisely — both their time and money. I’ve done budget counseling for others, I manage my own family’s finances, and almost always the money spent on gift giving is what blows the budget. A study by a prominent University of Minnesota economics researcher showed that in the USA alone there is a $14 billion loss of economic value during the holidays - representing the gap between what people pay for gifts, and what the recipients value them at. Giftster helps solve a $14 billion problem by helping you give and get gifts that the recipient fully values.

Once our own extended family participated in giftster, it has become a part of the fabric of our lives around any gift giving occasion. I encourage you to be the one to champion this for your family. I promise you it will be popular and your family will give and get gifts that matter most from here on out.

Ron Reimann

MyGiftster Corporation

P.S. If you have a giftster story to share, or think we need some constructive feedback, please tell me about it! Email [email protected]. To hear what others have to say, check out In the news.

Giftster is a registered trademark in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and MyGiftster, "Give and get gifts that matter most", "The Lifetime Gift Registry" and "Get Gifts Right. Every Time." are trademarks of MyGiftster Corporation