Tips and help for events

This is your family's or group's list of important dates — birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other occasions. Click on my events to contribute to this list of events.

If this is a recurring event like a birthday, be sure to select Annual on the Repeat setting, then this event will automatically reset the day countdown each year.

Who can see these events?

All events you enter are shared with all members of all groups you are a member of. Also, you can see in your Events list all events entered by all members of all your groups.

If you or others want to filter events by a specific group, you can do so by using the Group Events view on the Events page. Group Events filters the list to display only events from members of a particular group, which by definition always includes the events you entered.

The Apple iOS version of Giftster, the Android version in Google Play, and the mobile version of Giftster display the Upcoming Events view only. Events are added here at

Your own birthday should be entered twice in Giftster.

Once when you first signed up, as shown now on the Settings page. This birthday is used by Giftster to trigger automatic birthday notifications to you and your members. The other place is here on Events. If you want your birthday visible to others on the Events list, enter it again here.

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