Hadlee Nygaard's list


Hadlee’s Christmas List 2022!

I would really like money for Christmas this year. Over the past year, I have bought many things such as saxophone mouthpieces, room organization items, clothing, beauty products and much more. Lately, I have bought things when I wanted or needed them since I didn't feel it was necessary to wait till Christmas. If possible, I would like money to put towards those things I bought Instead of more stuff I don’t need. If you haven’t yet seen, there are other things on my list this year that could wait till Christmas. If you prefer to get me something besides money, feel free to view my other suggestions or choose something yourself! Also, some of the items I have listed here may cost less than what I put… I just put the max price they were on whatever website I got them from. It all depends on if there is sales or promotions at that time. Lastly, when you click the link to whatever you want to view… it should be the exact thing I hope for (color, size, amount)

Last update Nov 1, 2022

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