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March 11, 2022 Birthday wish list

NO GIFT CARS!! Instead, if you'd like to send money instead of gifts, please do so through a check (sending actual money through the mail in dangerous. Checks are safer.) If there is a link then that is the exact style, brand, and/or color I want the item in Shoes: Women's Size 8 Clothes: Women's medium. For some Rotita links you have to copy and paste the name of the garment on the website. The link is not a direct link. It is only a link to the website. The prices may not be accurate, as price changes over time and this list was made over the year. The order of the items is by how much I want them. I want all of these items but some I want more. 5 stars being I want them the most, 0 stars being I want this item, but I don’t really care if I get it or not.

Last update Apr 25, 2022

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