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  • Click any row to see item details.
  • Mark an item reserved or purchased by selecting the icon next to that item.
  • If provided, use the website button to buy the item online.


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Choose a group from the menu on the left to browse gifts for the member.

Tip: Being connected to at least one other person, through a group will help Giftster to provide the largest benefit to you, the image below is how someone else's list appears to you.

Note how you can reserve items, you can see that other items have already been purchased thus they are unavailable, you can click on website links supplied by the list maker, to see all the detail.

The list owner cannot see the status of items on their list - that wouldn't be any fun.

Click on the star to add that item to one of your own lists. Click on the search icon for a match at

Note too you see how the family member ranked the items, and providing an idea of priority.