Group help

What is a Group? Your family is a group. Your circle of friends is a group. Groups are simply a way you tell Giftster who can share and see each other's wish lists. You set them up once, then add or delete members as needed.

Each group has one creator. The group creator gets to control who is in our out of the group. If you create the group, then you are the group creator and the first member of that group.

Until you get at least one other member in the group you created, or until you join an existing group, you won't be able to see Giftster's best feature, the view of someone else's list.

A group needs at least two people so you can share each others wish lists.

How to create a group and add people to it

a) Select the my groups icon
b) Select +start a group
c) On the New Group page, type in a group name such as Smith Family Wish Lists.
d) In the Invite area enter one or more full name and email address pairs for each person you wish to invite to your group. When you add the third name, a fourth row can add as many invitations as you want.
e) Press Create Group & Invite. (You can invite more later)

Tip: You can use copy/paste to add names and email addresses to the invite fields, or just type them in.

Invitations are attractively formatted emails that go to each person on your list with a link that invites them to join your list. Once they respond and create their own account, they will show up on your Groups page as a member of your group and you can share lists.

Other ways to get 100% of your family members or circle of friends registered in your group.

  1. 1. Anyone can visit, click on the Search Members link and search to find your group name. Once they find it, they are prompted to sign in or register, then they can click to request access to your group. As the group creator, you will see this request on your my groups page. Once you click approve they are members of your group.

  2. 2. Register them yourself. For example, log out of your account, register new accounts for your mother, husband, and daughter. Then, sign into your account and simply list each of them in the Invite box and press save. They all receive invites to join your group. Then tell everyone how to sign in — they can see your wish list, and create one of their own. Family members can later change their passwords if they like.

Did you know? Groups and registration is how Giftster keeps each member’s lists confidential. From your account, you can edit your own lists, but you are not permitted to see the purchase status of your own wish list items. That would be no fun.


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