Invite Members

To make it fun, you need more than a group of one!

Invite more members by listing them in the box. For example:

When you click the Invite button, Giftster automatically sends a personalized email to each member you add to your list. The email contains a link taking them to the Giftster registration page, and automatically places them in your group. You can use this invite box as often as you like to invite additional members.

Tip: Use the Add from Address Book feature for one click adding of names to the invite box from your Microsoft Outlook contacts, Gmail, Yahoo, Plaxo, or Mac OS.

About your privacy - this convenient access to your existing address books is generated for one time use, once you make your selections, nothing else is saved or stored by Giftster or our partner Cloudsponge from your address book.

To resend an invitation to someone that is slow to respond, click the mail icon next to their name and Giftster will resend the invitation.

Other ways to get 100% of your family members or circle of friends registered in your group

  1. Anyone can visit, click on the big find a member link and search to find your name and the name of your group. Once they find it, they are prompted to sign in or register, then they can click to request access to your group. As the group creator, you will see this request on your my groups page. Once you click approve they are members of your group.

  2. Register them yourself. For example, log out of your account, register new accounts for your mother, husband, and daughter. Then, from each new account, search members and find your group and request to join it. Log back into your account, and approve these requests from the groups page and you have everyone connected to the group. Then tell everyone how to sign in — they can see your wish list, and create one of their own. Family members can later change their passwords if they like.

Did you know? Groups and registration is how Giftster keeps each member’s lists confidential. From your account, you can edit your own lists, but you are not permitted to see the purchase status of your own wish list items. That would be no fun.


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