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Tips on using the Add to Giftster Button

The Add to Giftster button adds items to your wish lists while shopping, much like the Pin button does for Pinterest. Add items to child accounts too.

What you need to know

  • Click the Add to Giftster icon/button while viewing the product detail page for the item you want, usually the page with the "add to cart" button on it for the store you are shopping. This gives Add to Giftster the best chance to grab the correct information.
  • Add to Giftster bookmarklet is compatible with Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, but Internet Explorer is not recommended. Add to Giftster Chrome extension is only compatible with Google Chrome, and Safari extension only with Safari.
  • The Add to Giftster button service uses the same login as your regular giftster account, but it is a separate log in. You can be logged into one and not the other, or both, at the same time. (Login with Facebook Connect? Get a password here).
  • The item web link and item title is always captured, other fields may also be automatically captured depending on the website. You can fill in as little or much as you want before you press Add item to Giftster.

  • Troubleshooting

    We engineered the Add to Giftster service to work great, but with so many browser versions and millions of websites there will occasionally be something that doesn't work right. Remember, you can always visit your Giftster list and enter the information from your keyboard!

  • Log in fails or item won't save If you are using IE (Internet Explorer), switch to a different browser.
  • I login with Facebook Connect. How do I login to Add-to-Giftster? Use your Facebook email address and associate a password with your giftster account here.

  • If you still have a question or problem, and think only a human response will do, visit the contact us page.