Adding a name draw to your group

A group in Giftster defines who can see each other’s lists and preferences when they sign in.

Adding a Giftster name draw to your group overlays a secret pick for each participating member, so they have one person marked as their match or pick on the website and on all mobile apps (v 4.0+).

They can still see the same group members and their lists. The difference is one name is tagged with a santa hat, and a second hat on a link to the draw rules that you provide. If the member has child accounts participating, then there will be additional names with santa hats for each pick.

Organizer Q & A

Q: How are child accounts handled? A: Same as a regular account.

Q: Are exclusions one way or two way? A: One way. To prevent drawing each other, add two exclusions.

Q: Can I "test drive" this draw feature? A: Yes. Uncheck the "send draw announcements", then start the draw and once you are familiar with its operation, end that draw and start your actual one, including email notifications.

Q: Does the secret santa hat display on the mobile apps? A: Yes. Your participants visit their shop for tab or groups tab on all mobile apps to discover their name pick and rules message.

Q: Can I include "invited" status group members in the draw? A: No. Don't start your draw until everyone you want in the draw is a "member" on the my groups page.

Q: Can I run more than one draw on the same group? A: No. One draw per group. To add another simultaneous draw with the same members, start another group and once members are approved you can run another draw on that group.