How to use my shopping list

This is your list of everything you've marked reserved or purchased from anyone's lists. You don't have to go back to the individual lists to find them since they are all displayed here.

Tip: Mark items you intend to buy as reserved, then once you know for sure you got that item, come here and mark it purchased by selecting the gift icon. Giftster automatically moves the item from the Items I've Marked Reserved list and places it on the Purchased list for you.

When the Reserved section is empty, your shopping is done!

You can do your shopping right from this page, click on the Search icon next to an item for an instant top 5 matches from

Shopping a Public List as a Guest

Note: This help section is only for someone that has marked an item reserved or purchased on a public list belonging to a member that you do not share a group with. Typically for a wedding registry, baby shower registry, classroom wish list, or other lists where the list maker desires to give you access without having your own Giftster account or group.

If you reserved an item on a public list by shopping as a guest, and want to return to that item in Giftster to modify your reservation or to see the list again, you have two ways. 1) Find the item here on my shopping list, it will include a link back to that list, or 2) use member search to find that member and their list again, select reserve on any item on the list, and giftster will guide you back to a view that includes your previous reserves and purchases.

Use mobile Giftster to view this list while on the go

Did you know this same list of items is available instantly on your smartphone with the Giftster mobile apps? You can reserve an item on someone's wish list while you are still at the store, so you know you reserved it first.


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