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Merchant Wish List Integration

Giftster is great for any business, large or small. Link to Giftster and ask your customers to create their wish list and add items that can be found in your store.

Ideal for any type of store -- online or traditional brick and mortar store.

How to Link Giftster to Your Website

  • 1) Create a text link for Giftster on your site.
  • 2) Link it to either our homepage ( or sign up page (
  • 3) Add copy to your page or with the link reminding customers to add that the item can be purchased at your shop or site. Using Giftster features like Fetch and Add to Giftster button can make this easier
  • 4) Here are a couple links you could use if you prefer to use an image with the link:

Not online?
Print this wish list sign to display in your store. Write in the name of your store after the fourth step:

Print a wish list sign for my store

Didn’t see a wish list solution for your business?
Contact Ron Reimann at 612-216-5112 x206.