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Use MyGiftster to keep within your gift giving budget

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These days, everyone is doing what they can to save money.  The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money on a gift that’s going to end up in someone’s garage sale, eBay, or, worse yet, the garbage.  You can utilize MyGiftster to spend your money more effectively on a great gift that the recipient will use instead of  making it the next piece of garage sale inventory.

An important thing for list creators to remember is to add the cost of the item to your list.  This is a great reference tool for shoppers who have set aside a certain amount of money for gift giving.  Shoppers can then easily review a person’s gift list to see which ideas fit into their budget.

One of the greatest tools to use with this is the shopping list feature.  You can create a shipping list of the items you’d like to purchase.  This way, you can check to make sure the gifts stay within your budget.  All you need to do is print the list and you’r eready to begin shopping without the worry of over spending.

When I’m planning my Christmas shopping list, I usually keep a per person budget in mind.  When I make my MyGiftster shopping list, I can find gifts for my family that stays within that budget.

Occasionally, I’ll find an item that is under my budget amount for that person.  Other times, I may choose an item that is a dollar or two over the budget amount.  When I use the shopping list, I’m able to see where I can spend more or less.  I get excited when my shopping list total is less than my budget!

The best part of shopping this way is knowing I’m spending my pennies in the best way possible on a gift that will be used and appreciated by teh recipient.  It’s no fun shopping when you know you may regret how much you’ve spent.

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