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Can I just buy a gift card?

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There are two schools of thought about giving gift cards:

1) It’s simple, easy, quick, and won’t take me a lot of time to buy.

2) There’s not much thought that needs to go into giving a gift card.

You can still make your thought count with giving a gift card, but it’s important to give the right gift card.

You’re probably thinking how you  can go wrong with a gift card, but the wrong kind of gift card can collect just as much dust as the wrong type of gift.

So do your gift givers a favor…let them know where you’d like them to buy gift cards.

There are a few different ways you can do this with your MyGiftster list.  Whichever way you choose to list gift cards in your list, you’ll be better equipping your family and friends on how to give you a great gift.

Make a list of your favorite stores and restaurants.

This doesn’t have to be a long list, but just some ideas of your favorite places to shop and/or eat.  This is the list someone can refer to when looking to give you a gift card that they know you’ll use.

Create a list for what you’re saving to do

This is one of my favorite ideas, and I have to thank a couple of my friends for it.  They’ve been saving to put a small  deck on the back of their house.  When family and friends asked them what they’d like for birthdays and Christmas, they asked that people spend their money on gift cards from their local home improvement store.  Even though they didn’t receive enough to cover the entire cost of their  deck, the gifts they did receive helped them work towards their savings goal to make that special home improvement.

You can do the same thing.  It can be anything – electronics, items for your home, or large items that you really need and would like some  support in purchasing.

Do you have a gift card giving idea?

Let us know!  Leave us a comment about your favorite way to give gift cards as a gift.

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