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The gift to give for the person who has everything

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I’m sure you have at least one of those people in your family who has just about everything they need and just about all the things they want.  It can make holiday and birthday gift giving stressful.  ATTENTION ALL GIFT GIVERS – This doesn’t need to be a stressful experience.

Why not make a donation in the person’s name to their favorite charity?

As the gift recipient, you can let your gift givers know what charities you like to support so they know where to spend their gift monies.

But what about the joy in seeing someone open an actual gift?  Some people don’t always like to just give an envelope with a card explaining the donation.  You can always include a little something for the person to help them show that they support that particular cause or charity.

That “little something” doesn’t have to be big or expensive.  You can even find a little something at our sister company,  You can purchase something as simple as a rubber wristband or bumper magnet and wrap it up along with the donation card and it won’t cost you much more than you’ve already spent.

What’s your favorite charity to donate to for gifts?

Leave us a comment to tell us what your favorite charity is to donate to when making a gift donation.  Here are some of the charities I’ve used in the past when making charitable gift donations:

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