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Kids Using MyGiftster to Make Their Wishlists

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MyGiftster is easy for everyone to use no matter what age or computer knowledge.  If you have little ones like I do, make sure to include a list for them in your MyGiftster account.

I really enjoy how MyGiftster helps me keep wish lists for my kids organized.  I have a list for each one, and a combined list for items that they could both share.

There are some things that they have that have multiple components to them.  For example, my oldest loves Thomas the Train.  There are many different train sets and engines and tracks and other accessories that it would be easy to receive duplicate items.  I have a list titled “Thomas Items Already Received” so that if someone decides to deviate from the current wish list (or, like me, happen to find a great deal on an item that fits the child’s  request but isn’t on their list), they can see what he already has so he won’t get a duplicate.

What’s your favorite MyGiftster organizational tool?

Let us know!  Leave a comment and share with others how MyGiftster keeps your family wish lists organized.

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