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Using MyGiftster to Organize Your Charitable Holiday Party

During the holiday season, many families have gatherings that center more on giving to others than giving and receiving gifts themselves.  MyGiftster can be used to organize the items you’ll be collecting so others know exactly what to bring to the party.

If hats, mittens and scarves are what you’re collecting, you can list them out along with the sizes the charity is looking for.  If non-perishable foods are being collected, you can list what the charity is looking for.  If there’s a family in need that you’ll be supporting, you can list the items that are needed and your family and friends can choose what they’d like to contribute to the family’s holiday.

The possibilities are endless!  In this season of giving, we’re happy we can provide you with an application that not only encourages putting your thought into great gift giving, but also helps you help others.

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.