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Adding Holiday Gift Wish Lists for Your Younger Children

MyGiftster is a fun, safe wish list maker that everyone can use.  If you have little ones who may be too young to use a computer, though, using MyGiftster on their own might not be an option.  But you can help them create their wish lists through your MyGiftster account so family and friends shopping for them will know exactly what to get.

That’s the case in my house.  My two little ones are 5 and 2, too young to get on the site to make their own wish lists.  I created separate lists in my own MyGiftster account just for them.

My sons and I sit down together with a toy store flier and they circle all the things they’d like to add to their lists.  Then we sit down together and put everything on their MyGiftster lists.

I always make sure that I include a listing for clothing.  I have many people asking me “what size are they now?”  All people have to do is look at the MyGiftster list to see their current sizes or other information for clothing.

Best yet, if there is something I know they need and they wouldn’t ask for, I can add it to their list, too.  For example, my 2-year-old wants to do much more on his own, like washing his hands.  He’s a little shorter than my older son was at his age, so the step stools we have are just not enough for the little guy.  I found a really neat step stool with two steps that will be just the right size.  So I added this to his list.

I’ve also included a list for things that both children could share, like movies.  One doesn’t really want a specific movie more than the other, and they’d most likely watch it together.  For those on a tight budget that may be looking to give a joint gift, this list is for them.

Also, if you’re children are expecting a visit from Santa, a Santa wish list is a fabulous idea.  This way, others know what’s being asked for specifically from Santa so no other gift giver gives the same gift.

Another great tip is to keep the name of your list updated with the current year.  Something as simple as 2010 after the name of the list could help shoppers know that they are looking at the most up to date list for you and your kids.

Now that I think of it, there are a few things I need to add to their lists, so I’m off to update those now.  Happy wish list making and shopping!

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.