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Getting Married? Make a Wedding Registry with Giftster

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Most major retailers give you the ability to make their wedding registries in their stores.  You get their fancy scanning gun to go around the store and scan all the items you and your intended need for your new life together.

But what are you suppose to do if there is something you want from a different store that doesn’t have a wedding registry available?  Or what if you would like items from multiple stores?  Giftster gives you the ability to put everything you would like on one wish list so your gift givers can give you the best possible gift.

Just create your list as you normally would when making your wish list on Invite all those who will be attending your bridal shower and wedding.  You can also include on invitations that you’re registered at so people can join your wedding gift group.

It’s that easy! Put all of your wishes from any store in one place.

Create your wedding registry today


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