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Start Saving for Your Holiday Gift Budget

While it may still be a little early to start your holiday shopping, it’s never too early to start your gift giving budget.  Here’s how I use MyGiftster to get a jump on this so I have enough money to give all the gifts on my list.

1)  Make a list of everyone you plan to give gifts to this year.

I’m a huge list user (that’s why I like MyGiftster so much).  When I make a list, I make sure that I’m not forgetting anything, or in this case, anyone.

2)  If there is someone on your list who doesn’t have a MyGiftster list, ask them to make one.

It’s never too early to at least get your wish lis started.  Plus, it will give you a place to look when you’d like to give a gift any tifme of year.

3)  Take a look at the type of wishes the person has listed and set yourself a limit for that person.

There may be some people on your list that you’re willing to spend a little more on than others: your parents, children, spouse, etc.  Set a limit of what you plan to spend so you’ll know how much to save.

4)  If a person whose list you’re reviewing doesn’t have anything in your budget amount listed, ask them to add some other items.

Take my husband and I as an example.  I love books, so I have a list of books on my list in varying prices.  My huband, on the other hand, has an affinity for techie toys which are a little pricier.  I may be easier for more of the gift givers in my life to budget for than my husband.  If you find youself in this same situation and you know there is an area of interest of that person that you can better afford, ask them to add it.

Sounds a little weird, right?  But it really isn’t.  For my husband, I would ask him to add some coffee types on his list.  People may be able to afford a bag of coffee beans more than an Xbox game.  And coffee is something he consumes and appreciates daily, especially when he doesn’t have to buy it himself.

5)  Add up your budget limits.

When you’re finished making your list, total up the amounts you’ve set as limits.  You can adjust accordingly if the total sounds like it’s much more than you want to spend.

6)  Start saving!

There are many ways to get the savings started.  You can do things like save spare change, save your $1 or $5 bills (the $5’s add up faster if you can swing it), or take a certain amount right off the top when you get paid.

Another way to look at it is to save for one person at a time.  Start at the top of your list and work your way down.  Then when you’ve saved up enough for that person, make a mark on your list and move down to the next person.

I personally enjoy saving this way.  I usually save my $1’s or $5’s and put them towards a certain person on my list.  This way, every time I pay for something and get change, I think of the person whose gift that money will go towards.

And the best part – starting to save early will ease the burden of not having enough to give what you want to give to those who matter most in your life.

As of the date of this post, you have 184 days till Christmas Eve.  Make sure all your family and friends who are on your gift list have their MyGiftster lists started today.   These 184 days will go by faster than you think!

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.