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10 Questions to Help You Build Your Gift Wish List

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What’s the worst thing a wish list creator can have?

Writer’s block. 

You start your wish list, you sit in front of it and stare at it, and have absolutely no idea what to put on it. Sure, you’ve seen things throughout the year that you could put down, but now that you’re doing it, your mind has gone blank.

To help get those wish list making juices flowing, I’ve come up with 10 questions you can ask yourself to help build a great wish list so the gift givers in your life can be pointed in the right direction.

Where do you like to shop?

Gift cards are always a quick and easy gift for people to give, but if someone gives you a gift card where you don’t shop, the gift is a miss.  To help your friends and family give gifts that are a hit, make a list of some of your favorite places to shop.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Could be someplace you like to sit and eat, could be a restaurant you frequent on the run.  List some of your favorite places to eat for great gift card gifts.

What do you need?

Could be something for your home, office, school, dorm room, or closet.  Could be big, could be small.  Add it to your list and you may just receive it as a gift.

What are your hobbies?

One of my favorite gifts to receive is something that has to do with one of my hobbies, reading and crocheting.  Part of my list is dedicated to books and crochet tools that I would like to have, but wouldn’t necessarily buy myself.

What are your favorite snacks or drinks?

My husband loves to give consumable gifts.  But if you give a tea drinker a pound of coffee as a gift, you may get that “oh – gee – thanks” response.  Knowing a person’s favorites when it comes to snacks and beverages will go a long way in giving a great gift.  This is also a great low-cost gift item to add if you have family members who love to give gifts but are working on a tight budget.

What are your favorite products that you may run out of?

This is another great consumable gift type to give.  This could be personal care items like lotions, soaps or shampoos.  It could even be cooking items like spices or cooking oils.  If you cook outdoors, you could even add your favorite brand of charcoal or wood chips for smoking.  This is often another low-cost gift idea for those on a budget.

What are you saving for?

Do you have something in your house that needs replacing and you need to save up for it?  Is there that really cool electronic gadget that you’d love to have but just don’t have the money to get?  List what you’re saving for and you may find that multiple people will give you gift cards to put towards that big purchase.

What is your favorite leisure activity?

Could be golfing, going to the movies, bowling, or something else that you must pay for before participating in or going to.  Just like the hobby question, receiving a gift for your favorite leisure activity can go far.

What are your favorite things?

For me, it’s fun socks. For my friend, it’s stuffed teddy bears. Add some of your favorite things to have or collect to your wish list.

Where do you like to donate your time or money?

I have many family members who have specifically told me they don’t want gifts, but I still like to do something for them for the holidays.  Making a donation to their favorite charity can fulfill the gift giving and receiving need.  It doesn’t take up room in the person’s house and it helps support a cause or charity that is meaningful to them. I know for one friend in particular, a donation to the animal shelter she volunteers her time at would be just as great of a gift as something just for her.

You may not have answers to all these questions and that’s okay.  This is just a great exercise to go through to help you get started on your wish list.  And now that I’ve written this, I have some more ideas for my own wish list!

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