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Giftster wishlist maker now available in the Apple app store

Want to take your favorite wishlist maker on the go?  Now you can!  Download Giftster from the Apple app store to use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What makes the Giftster mobile gift registry so great?

By being mobile, you can take your Giftster with you wherever you go: while you’re shopping gifts, at family gatherings to help others make lists, while you’re at a specific store and you see things you’d like to add to your list.

One of my favorite mobile Giftster features that I can’t wait to use this holiday is the shopping list.  I already use my iPhone to make shopping lists when I go to the grocery store.  Now, I will have my Giftster shopping list at my fingertips loaded with all the items I’ve reserved off of others’ lists from my group.  And the minute I buy them, I can mark them purchased.

Giftster on my iPhone will also be great to use at Thanksgiving.  My mom, who enjoys Christmas as much now as she did as a kid, doesn’t like using the computer, but loves that I help her with her Giftster list.  She’s always asking me to add things on her list and check others’ lists for her.  At Thanksgiving, I plan to sit down with her, iPhone in hand, and update her list.

And just like Giftster is online, the app can be downloaded for free!

Download the Giftster app through the Apple app store today and have as much fun using it as I will this holiday season.

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.