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Give Dad something better than a tie this Father’s Day

The cliche gift for Father’s Day is the neck tie.  Now neck ties are great, especially if you have a dad who has to regularly wear them for work or if you have a dad that just likes them.  But how many ties can one man have?  In my uncle’s case, the answer was over 300, but he really loved ties.  Your dad may not.  Check out your dad’s Giftster list to make this Father’s Day the one where you didn’t give him a tie.

One of the best gifts I can remember giving my dad for Father’s Day was tickets for us to go to a White Sox vs. Cubs game.  We had a blast!  It was the first game we had been to together and a memory that we’ve cherished in years since.

If nothing else, ask your dad to update his Giftster list to get better ideas than what you currently have (I know you’re still thinking about that tie — stop it!).  If your dad gives you the “well, I don’t know” answer, here are a few tips to get his wish list making thoughts started:

What is your dad’s favorite hobby?

Could be fishing, could be reading, could be something exotic like deep sea diving.  If he can give you an idea of what his favorite hobby is it’s better than coming up with an idea on your own.

What is you dad’s favorite place to eat?

Coffee shop?  Restaurant?  It never hurts to ask.  I gave my grandfather a gift card to Cracker Barrel one year and you would have thought I gave the man a million dollars.

What is your dad’s favorite snack or drink?

Dad likes pretzels?  Why not shop for some fancy type or pretzel.  And how about some snazzy mustard to go with those pretzels?  Or maybe your dad will tell you that he hates pretzels.  Then you can follow up by asking what he does like.  You would be amazed at the different types of gourmet food and drink items you can find on the internet. Treat your dad with a gourmet version of his favorite snack or beverage this year.

The best gift you could give your dad, of course, is remembering to call him and telling him “hey – thanks for being MY dad.”  Follow that up with a great gift found through Giftster and you’ll be sure to make this a very special Father’s Day…even if you decide to give him another tie.

Check out your dad’s Giftster list today.

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.