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Why Giftster is better for gift wish lists than Pinterest

When I’ve talked with others about Giftster, I’ve occasionally heard, “oh, well I just do that on Pinterest.”  Now I am an avid Pinterest user but Pinterest is not the most effective place to share your wish list items.  For that, you need Giftster.

My sister-in-law and I had a conversation about this just this past week.  She wanted to know why I wanted her to put a list on Giftster when I could just look at her Pinterest.  This is what I told her.

Recently, she listed a crockpot on her board of things she would like for her house.  Let’s say that her mom, our mother-in-law and I see that she has this listed and we all decide to give her a crockpot.  She would get  3 crockpots.

And into the return line she would go.

Giftster makes wish list and gift giving simpler.  If my sister-in-law puts the crockpot on her Giftster Christmas list, her mom, our mother-in-law and I will all see it.  One of us can reserve it and then the other two can choose something else to give her for around the same price.

Here are some additional ways that Giftster is the best place to make and share your holiday and any time gift lists.

Create your holiday shopping list

Pinterest also won’t help you build your shopping list.  With Giftster, if you reserve an item on a wish list, it will go directly to your shopping list.  You can then access it from your mobile phone.

Check gift preferences

With mobile Giftster, you have all your family gift preferences at hand wherever you go.  No guessing, no trying to figure out if someone does or doesn’t like a certain item.   It’s all right there within reach.

Add offline items

One of the many great features of Giftster is that you can add absolutely anything to your wish list.  It doesn’t have to be online.  With Pinterest, your pins reference a website and image.

Prioritize how much you’d really really like a certain gift

There’s a distinct difference between “oh, I’d like to have that” and “eeeeeeeee – I really really would like that!”  With Giftster, you can use our star ratings to let the gift givers in your life which gifts you’d like most.

For me, the difference is very clear.  You may get your gift ideas from Pinterest, but make sure to list the gifts you really want on your Giftster wish list.

Create your Giftster holiday gift list today.

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.