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How to get your family to use Giftster

We all have those non-conformists in our families that are resistant to change or trying new things.  Gift giving and list exchanging is no different.  So what are you to do if you really like Giftster and you’re having a difficult time getting others on board?  I have a few ideas for you to try.

For the “I don’t like doing anything on the internet” family members

My Mom falls into this group.  She doesn’t like computers and her palms sweat anytime we ask her to turn one on.  The only way she checks her email is if my Dad signs on for her.  It took a little convincing on my part over the course of a year, but I finally convinced her to let me set up a Giftster account for her.  Any time she wants to add something, she calls me and I add it.  At Christmas time, I help her browse everyone in the group’s lists and we create her shopping list.  It’s a little more work on my part, but in the long run, it makes both of our lives easier.

For the “Don’t I already give good gifts?” family members

Giftster is designed to make everyone’s life easier for both gift giving and receiving.  I think everyone wants to give a gift that’s not just appreciated but also useful and wanted by the recipient.  That kind of thought is a two-way street.  Make sure that you tell this type of family member that this is to make sure that you give them a great gift just as much as it is to help them make holiday shopping and gift giving less stressful.

For the “I don’t need anything” or “If I want something, I just buy it” family members

I don’t know about you, but I have a handful of these family members on my Christmas list.  There’s still a way these family members can use Giftster to their benefit.  They can create a list for charities they like to support so you could make a donation in their name.  They can also update their gift preferences so you know what kinds of gifts would be better received.  And don’t forget to mention that Giftster would be a great way to help them shop more efficiently as well.

For the “Uh…I just don’t have time” family members

Really, who does have extra time to spare these days?  Giftster isn’t a time drainer; it’s a time saver!  Registering your account takes less than a minute.  Creating your first wish list (as long as you know at least a couple things to list) can be done in just a few mouse clicks, and joining a group is just as quick as creating your Giftster account.  After that, you go about your gift giving routine as normal, just much easier.  You won’t have to chase down wish lists.  You have a direct way to ask if someone can be more specific or just update their list.  Gift preferences like clothing sizes, color preferences, and favorite things are right at your fingertips, especially with mobile Giftster.  You’ll save time, which is a great gift to give yourself!

For the “I just don’t get it” family members

We all have those family members who need to see how things work to get a better idea of how useful a new tool can be.  If you’re the techie in your family, you can always set them up and give them a quick walk through of how things work.  We purposely keep things on Giftster simple so it’s easy for anyone to navigate and use.  And if you find something isn’t as easy to do as we say, tell us!  We get many of our improvement ideas from our members.

For the “This will never work” family members

Well…what can I say to this particular group of family members except, only time will tell.  Over time when they see how unstressed you are about gift giving and you’re giving and receiving great gifts, they’ll change their minds.  I know so many families where this was the case.  One or two family members used it the first year, then five the next, then ten, and so on.  Hang in there and keep inviting them to have as much fun gift giving with Giftster as you do.

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Happy Gifting!

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.