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Happy birthday to my husband – I’m sorry about your gift: A gift guide for those who say “I don’t need anything”

Once upon a time (just last week), a wife (me) asked her husband (a.k.a. my usually fabulous other half) what he would like for his birthday.

“I have you so I have all I need,” he replies.

While this response is sweet, accurate and gains him loads of brownie points, it has also induced days of stressful pondering about what I should get him.  Seriously, couldn’t he just update his Giftster list and make my life easier?

So I sent him a reminder through Giftster asking him to please update his list because people want to give him things.


Over the past couple days, we’ve discussed it and he really couldn’t think of anything to add to his wish list.  Now, I know this can’t be completely true.  We could all use something.

That’s when I decided to dedicate this post to everyone who says “I don’t want/need anything” because everyone who knows you is not going to listen and could potentially give you a gift that you don’t want or need.  All they want to do is give you a little something to put a smile on your face.  Can’t you help them out?  PLEASE?

Here are some tips for creating a wish list even if there’s nothing you really want or think you need.

Think small – just 3 to 5 things

You don’t need to come up with an array of ideas for your wish list.  Think in terms of just 3 to 5 items.  They don’t need to be elaborate items but getting some ideas out there are better than no ideas at all.  When you give no ideas at all, you set yourself up for receiving less than useful gifts.

Think consumable – we all need to eat & drink

Do you prefer coffee?  Tea?  Whiskey?  Wine?  Cheese?  Cookies?  Nuts?  Chocolate?  Is there a place where you like to eat?  Add your favorite snack or restaurant to your wish list.  Be detailed about your preference and you’ll always be happy when you unwrap your gift.

Think gift cards – where do you like to shop?

Online, offline, clothing stores, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, even grocery stores.  List the stores where you normally shop and you’ll be happy when you receive this useful gift.

Think hobbies – how do you spend your time?

For me, it’s books and crochet.  For my husband, it’s guitar strings and cooking.  For my son, it’s Legos.  What hobby do you like to spend your time on?  You can list stores where you shop for your hobby supplies so people can give you a gift card or if there is a consumable item that you use for your hobby, you can list that as well.

Think favors – what can someone do to make your life a little easier?

Need a babysitter?  Pet sitter?  Do you need help with something in particular around your house?  Add it to your Giftster wish list!  This is my favorite tip for moms and a great gift idea for kids to give to moms.  Knowing that someone would appreciate even the smallest of favors is a great gift to give, isn’t found in a store and is beyond value.

Think transportation – almost everyone can use a tank of gas

When all else fails, if you own a car, list your gas station preference.  You won’t complain if all the gifts you receive are gift cards to your favorite gas station.

Even if you think there’s nothing you could possibly want to receive as a gift, create your wish list today, add one or two or more of these suggestions and share it with your family and friends.

As for my husband’s birthday, I have a gift receipt and I will be sending him a link to this post.

Happy Gifting!


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