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No peeking! Make a private wish list for your eyes only

List makers are a special type of person.  I know because I’m one of them.  I would be lost without my shopping lists, my to do lists, my don’t forget to pack lists.  The same goes for the various things I think are awesome and I wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift.  But not everyone needs to see my huge, lengthy lists.  I don’t expect to receive everything on them but I also don’t want to forget where I saw certain things.  My solution: private lists just for me.

One of the many things I enjoy about Giftster is that you can have as many lists as you would like.  That’s perfect for me because I have a variety of interests: books, crocheting, movies, cooking, and just recently, making my own beauty products.  I could just as easily make a Pinterest board for these things, but I like the level of detail I can add in on Giftster like price and any notes I would like to put in.  Also, it gives me a way to prioritize the items on the list should I choose to purchase them.

As I mentioned, I can keep these lists private or choose to share them.  What I like to do instead is to choose the items on these lists that are high in “ooooohhhhh” factor and add them to my shared wish list.  That way, the gift givers in my life aren’t overwhelmed with the various things I’ve listed because I thought they were nifty.

I have another great use for private lists that, really, no one needs to see.  I have it titled “Things I can’t remember.”  On this list, I have various household items like what kind of light bulbs our chandelier takes, the type of cleaning products my friend introduced me to, and even the wine I tried at a restaurant.  On this list, I can enter a link if the item can be found online or the name of the store where I can find it in the future.  Whenever I need to purchase one of these items, I can pull up my Giftster app on my iPhone and know exactly where I can find it.

See?  And you thought Giftster was just for giving great gifts.

Make your 2014 more organized with lists of all kinds in your Giftster account.  If you don’t have one yet, sign up today!




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