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Gift giving is an all year thing, not just for the holidays

Show of hands: How many times do you think to yourself while shopping, “oooohhhh….I hope [insert your gift giver name] gives me that for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas/etc?”

Another question: How many people have their minds completely go blank when someone asks them what they’d like for their birthday even though they’ve seen things that would make great gifts?  Or how many kids banter back and forth about what to give their parents for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or their anniversary?  I know I can’t be alone.

While the holidays are one of the most popular times people give gifts, they aren’t the only gift giving occasions.  It’s just as important to get the gift right in these situations and why keeping your Giftster updated throughout the year is a great way to help the gift givers in your life.

For me, Giftster has become a crucial organizational tool when it comes to gift giving, gift receiving and gift budgeting.  I use it to organize ideas for the gift givers in my life as well as a place to store the things I would like to have regardless of who gives it to me (my husband, my best friend or even just me).

Here’s how I do it.

When I’m at my computer and I’m doing some online shopping, I use the Add to Giftster browser button to quickly add items to my wish lists.  One click, and I can have the details of the item I’m looking at online instantly added to any of my lists.

If I’m out in a store, I use my handy Giftster app on my smartphone to add the details of the item to my wish list.  That way, I won’t forget to add the item the next time I’m online.

I do this with my kids as well.  Any time they see an item that sparks their interest, we add it to their wish list.  This not only gives others a place to look for gift ideas for them but also gives them a reference for the items their saving for (for my older son, it’s usually Star Wars Lego sets; for my younger son, it’s usually a pretend play item or action figure).  I really like doing this because it teaches the kids to work towards the things they’d like to have and not wait to have them just given or handed to them.

Log in to Giftster and update your lists today.  If you haven’t already, check out the Add to Giftster browser button and the Giftster mobile apps available for both iPhone and Android devices.

New to Giftster?  WELCOME!!  Get ready to start giving (and receiving) great gifts when you sign up today for your free account.

Author Aimee

Mother of two, wife of one, and I love to write about topic that help create joy and smiles around gift giving occasions.