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Did your family use Giftster or are you preparing your present face?

Haven’t heard of present face?  It’s the face people make most often while saying, “oh wow…you really shouldn’t have,” or “what an interesting gift,” or another kind statement hiding what you’re really thinking: “why on earth did they give this to me?!”

Still not quite sure what I’m talking about?  This video explains it well:

The good news is, if you’ve used Giftster, your odds of getting or having to use present face is exponentially reduced.

Share your present faces with us

Whether you have to use a tried and true present face or you capture a face full of great gift jubilation, we want to see it!  Share your present opening, moment catching pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram (@giftster) or Twitter @MyGiftster.  Or add #giftster to your post so we can find it.

We hope you have a safe and happy Christmas with your family and friends.  May your days be merry and bright and, as always, may all your Christmas gifts be right!!

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