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The 3 Best Ways to Pick Out the Worst Gift

We spend much of our time and effort trying to help people give great gifts that are useful, needed and wanted.  And yet, bad gift giving still happens.

Some may still be resistant to using an online gift registry for birthdays, holidays and the like and some of these people are indeed incredible gift givers.  Others, though, are not and could use a little help.  If you see yourself in these great bad gift giving scenarios and you don’t use a gift registry (i.e. Giftster…hint hint), you may want to reconsider.


1.  Size does matter

If you’re keen on getting your sweetie a new sweater or other piece of clothing as a gift, one of the worst things you can do is guess on the size.  If it’s too small, they may feel bad that they can’t fit into it.  If it’s too big, their feelings may get a little dented as well.  And then, they will either have to return it or be stuck with something they can’t wear that will forever take up closet space because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  Either way, a total gifting miss.

2.  Better or bigger isn’t always best

Your sister asks for the first book in the Divergent series and you, being the loving sibling you are, decide to get her the entire box set.  Except…she had books 2 and 3 already because she found them on sale at her favorite bookstore (but they didn’t have the first book which is why she asked for it).  So now she has more books than she really needs…sigh…


Your dad mentions that he tried this one K-Cup and it was pretty good.  You decided to give him a year’s supply of that one type thinking you will be declared his ultimate favorite kid.  Except…he likes to drink a different type of coffee every day.  Your mother now keeps a box in her purse and gives one to almost everyone she knows.

And finally, the best, most ultimate way to pick out a bad gift…

3.  “I know you really like this one thing but I’ve never see you use this other type of the same thing so I decided to give it to you.”

Why is this the worst?  Because, if you really think about it, if you’ve never seen the person use an item and they’ve never mentioned it to you, there’s probably a reason why.  And that reason is probably because they didn’t like it or want it to begin with.  Of course, you may be hoping that the gift unlocks some hidden desire the person really has for this particular thing but in reality, it’s probably not the case.

As is with all gift giving, it is the thought that counts, but no one wants to give a gift that is unwanted, disliked, or will cause the recipient some form of stress (usually because they’re trying to figure out what to do with the item).  Use your family’s gift registry network to help you in the thought process of gift giving.  Even if you want to go off-list, checking out the person’s gift preference profile is the best way to know what sizes the person wears, favorite colors, stores, and the things absolutely not to give them.

Mindful gifting makes the thought really count.

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