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New Enhancements for Wedding & Baby Registries

By member request, we’ve made an enhancement to our public registries making it easier for guests to shop wedding and baby shower registries.

When viewing your public wish list, visitors can see additional details you’ve listed as well as mark items reserved or purchased without logging in or creating an account.

Giftster already is your best choice for sharing all your gift registry items from multiple stores.  This enhancement makes it that much easier for your friends and family to shop your wish list.

Our public list option is most ideal for wedding registries, baby registries, large family parties like graduations and anniversaries, and even for charities looking for their supporters to donate items.

How to Create Your Gift Registry & Share It with Others

1.  Log in to your Giftster account and click on New List.

2.  Enter a name for this new wish list.

3.  Under List Privacy, choose Public and press Save List.

4.  Have fun adding items to your list with our handy Fetch button or the Add to Giftster browser button.

5.  If you include a mailing address on your gift preference profile and make it public, we’ll display the mailing address info to your guests when they shop your public list.

6.  When you’re ready to share your list, click on the Share link in the torn page header.  This will give you a custom URL for your registry list that you can copy and paste or share by email.

7.  Direct your guests to shop your list by either sharing the URL with them in your invitations or by going to and searching for your list by your first and last name or email address.  Make sure you give them the name of your wish list so they know where to start picking out gifts.

Best Online Gift Registry

  How to Shop a Public Gift Registry

1.  As stated above, go to the URL provided to you or search for the registry maker’s name.

2.  If you’ve searched by name, click on View Details next to the person’s name then View List next to the name of the list.

3.  Start shopping!  When you click on the line for an item, you will see all the details entered by the list maker.  If they used our magic Fetch button, a picture should be listed with every item.  If there is a Website button next to an item description, this provides a link to the store where they can find the exact item, as provide by the list maker.

4.  In the line for the item, press the lock icon to reserve the item or the gift icon to mark it purchased.

5.  You will be asked for your name and email address so we can send you one email with a link for a simple way to visit and shop this list again (you will not receive email from us beyond this).

6.  After you’ve finished shopping the list, visit the My Shopping List to see a list of the items you’ve marked reserved and purchased.

Like what you see and want to make your own lists?  Create your free Giftster account baby registry or wedding registry and start making and sharing your wish lists with family and friends.



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