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High School Grads Making Going to College Registries

Just the other day, my high school friend, Jennifer, posted an interesting question to all her friends.

A HS graduation party but run more llike a baby/bridal shower

Now, I’m sure you all know what my answer was.  I thought it was a brilliant idea!  And even better, Giftster is the perfect tool to help her achieve such a gift registry.  I’m a bit biased, though.

But then her other friends began to respond, all saying that they, too, thought it was an excellent idea.  What better way to prepare the new high school graduate for college than to give them items they could certainly use when they leave home.

Approximately 69% of high school graduates go on to college.  While many colleges require freshman to stay in student housing their first year away from home, that’s not always the case.  More and more incoming students are arriving with college credit allowing them to enter as at least a sophomore, while some schools allow all students to live off campus if they choose to do so.  That means more things to pack which, really, means more things to purchase for this first taste of independence away from home.

So why not a high school graduation registry or wish list focused on those college living needs to help a student not stress about the small stuff?  It really is ideal.

On top of the logical items like sheets, blankets, and various electronics that most college students need, there are other items that may be needed for living off campus like a toaster, blender, or furniture if the apartment is not furnished.  These thing start to add up little by little.

While giving money as a gift is always a viable option for graduation, some still like the idea of giving an actual, tangible gift.  That’s where having a registry to shop from is helpful for all your family’s aunts, uncles and grandparents.

If gift cards are more your speed, consider one from a home improvement or hardware store if the grad is crafty and likes to make their own furnishings.  Or maybe a gift card to a grocery store or gas station if driving to and from campus is necessary.  So many ways to support a new college student!

Not sure where to start building a college gift registry?  I found great tips from USA Today College, Big Future by The College Board, and Her Campus.  Also, check out your future college’s website for tips they may have about what to bring for living both on and off campus.

It’s never too early to start building your college wish list!  Even if graduation is still some time off, get a head start on building your registry and start a new wish list.  Make the list private until you’re ready to share it with others.  This way, as things come up and you get ideas, you have a dedicated place to keep ideas and suggestions of what you may need when you leave the nest.  When the time is right, change the setting from private to shared so your family can start shopping.

Building your registry on Giftster is FREE!  Giftster is your every occasion wish list builder, perfect not just for graduation but also for birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, and more.  Set it up once, use it for a lifetime.  Take the stress and guess out of gift giving.  Create your free Giftster wish list today!