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Trick or treat is only for Halloween, not gift giving

Halloween, America’s second biggest holiday for spending, is all about tricks and treats.  Well…these days…more treats than tricks, but still, the tradition holds true.  You expect costumes and silliness and some good natured trickery for the most part.  What was once an Celtic tradition has, over time, become a day for kids and families to have fun.

We expect tricks and treats at Halloween.

We do not expect it for Christmas gift giving.  And yet, for some, exchanging gifts feels a whole lot like getting a popcorn ball in your Halloween bag.

We all have gift givers in our lives who don’t have to give us gifts, but like to give us gifts.  It’s nice and it’s fun.  No one intends to give the gift equivalent of the chocolate covered raisins you may find in your trick or treat bag, though.  The thought is still always appreciated, but for those who need a some additional gift giving inspiration, a little help in never hurt.

Here are 6 favorite things to add to your wish list to make sure that your gifts are all treats and no tricks.

Your favorite snack:  Can you ever have enough of your favorite snack?  No!  Let your family know what snack your family can help you stock up on for the new year.

Your favorite store:  An appropriately selected gift card can go a long way.  Whether it’s a clothing, department, electronic, or other specialty store, list where your family can purchase the most ideal gift card.

Your favorite restaurant:  The two restaurants I frequently go to are Starbucks and Panera.  Gift cards to either are always appreciated!  List one or two of your favorites for more great gift card ideas.

Your preferred gas station:  I don’t know anyone who would say no to a free tank of gas.  Another ideal gift card opportunity!

One thing you can always use:  Lotion.  Perfume.  The things you use every day and can never have enough of.

One thing you wish you had but won’t buy yourself:  Why, you might ask?  Because you may be surprised to know that someone wants to spoil you.

And don’t forget…

Updating your gift preferences is just as important as creating your list.  Clothing sizes, color preferences, and, the most important section, what to not get you.

Here’s hoping all your trick or treating comes with Halloween!