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Post-Holiday List Clean Up

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I have been so anxious to have this post-holiday list clean up conversation with everyone, but with so many peoples’ holidays spilling into January, I didn’t want to add another thing to all of your to do lists.  Now that I’m confident that all the Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year celebrations are over and we’re all still slowly recovering from the holiday rush, let’s talk about getting your list ready for all gift giving occasions for 2017.

1) Use the “I Got This” button to archive received items.

Cruise through your personal Giftster wish list and click the “I Got This” button on items you’ve received.  We’ll keep these items archived for you on your “I Got This List” located at the bottom of your lists just above where you find your gift preference list.


2) End last year’s Secret Santa draw.

It’s time to turn off your Secret Santa draw from this past year so you can have it ready to go for the 2017 holiday season.

Go to my groups on the website and select the group where you created your Secret Santa draw.

Scroll down and you’ll see the end draw button.

Click on this button to end your draw.  (Everyone can still use Giftster, your group and all lists remain).

When you’re ready to create your 2017 Secret Santa draws, select the previous year’s exclusions and picks to make sure each person in your group draws a different person.

As an added bonus, Giftster remembers your the exclusions you set up so you don’t have to repeat the process next year.  You can always change up the exclusions or add new ones if needed.


3) Invite those to your group that may not have been included this year

Did you have a few people not accept invitations to your group or do you now have new family members that you need to add?  While this is at the top of your mind, send the invites to them again or send new invites to those who weren’t included so they’ll be in your group all year.  And best you, do it now so you don’t forget during the next holiday (which is something I’m notorious for doing).


4) Keep your list updated for your birthday and add your birthday to your profile

Your family will want to spoil you on your birthday!  Take a minute and add a couple items to your list that you remembered during the holiday season, and add your birthday to your profile so others in your group will be reminded of your special day.  Not one to want to point out when your birthday is?  No worries!  If you don’t list your birthday, we won’t remind people.  But seriously…some people may really need that little reminder.


5) Add important events to your group My Events list

Add events to your group My Events list like weddings, baby showers and births, graduations, and more to keep others in your group in the loop on important family events for 2017.


6) Remember to update your wish list throughout the year with

Giftster is your all year, go-to place to shop for family birthday gifts and more.  Use your Giftster mobile app to add items when you’re in stores.  Get the add to giftster browser extension to easily add items to your list.  This way, when someone wants to check out the items that will make your day, they’ll have your personally curated list right at their fingertips.

Wishing you a most giftsterific 2017!






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