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HOLD UP – Think before you buy that item off your own wish list

I won’t name any names but some of us have that one family member who will get themselves something instead of asking for it.  Or, they list the item on their wish list, buy it for themselves and move it off their list before their birthday or holiday.  If this sounds like you, on behalf of your family and friends, I’m respectfully asking you to stop it!  And here’s why.

For starters, your loved ones want to do something nice for you.  Let them!

Trust me.  If someone has asked you what you’d like to receive as a gift or has sent you an invitation to create your free wish list on Giftster, they want to have the opportunity to spoil you.  Don’t go ruining their fun by shopping for yourself after you’ve listed items.  If you have an item that you’d like that you think you may end up buying yourself, I recommend making a second wish list and marking it private so it’s for your eyes only.  No one will be able to shop your private list but you.  However, do your family a solid and make a list they can shop from.


Someone may have already bought it to give to you.

I’m sort of notorious for doing this.  I’ll end up thinking no one will get it for me so I’ll just do it.  I’ve had my family get pretty crafty with discouraging me from certain purchases because they knew what was coming.  So take it from me: you need to wait to see what your gifts are from others before you go shopping for yourself.


If you’ve listed it on your wish list, save getting it for yourself till after the gift giving event.

Why?  Because someone may have it reserved and they’re planning to get it for you.  Or, as mentioned above, they may have already purchased it.  Play it safe.  Save those pennies till after your birthday or the holidays.


My general rule of thumb is, if it’s 45-60 days from that special gift giving event, you may want to leave that gift idea alone on your wish list.  I have to take this advice, too!