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10 Free Gift Ideas to Add to Your Wish List Today

There is always a gift that everyone can add on their wish list that costs nothing more than time in most cases.  They’re great gifts to put on there for family and friends to give, and have so much more sentimental value than monetary value.  Here is the list of some of my favorites.

1) Care Time with Family Members:  Out of all the ideas on my list, this is among my favorites.  Every parent could use having a dedicated babysitter for date nights or even just to sneak away for some me time.  For those who have fur babies, having someone who knows their pets and can step in when they’re out of town is equally important to them.  If you have older family members or those who have special needs who have others in the family as caretakers, offer your time as a gift to give them a much needed break as well.

2) Family Recipes:  This is a gift my parents put together for me when my husband and I got married, and I treasure it.  Family recipes are such a wonderful legacy to share.  Typed out or handwritten, ask for those family recipes that mean something special to you.  Believe me…you won’t regret it!

3) Help with jobs around the house:  Maybe it’s cleaning out that one section of the house you just can’t seem to get around to on your own.  Or painting a room.  Or hanging pictures.  Or, as it was for my husband’s grandmother, changing light bulbs.  Ask for a little time from someone to help get those things done and off your to do list.

4) Standing Date:  Make a standing lunch date with a family or friend.  How about a standing movie night to watch everything in a series or starring your favorite actor.  Not only will this be a fun thing to do with someone but you’ll also build wonderful memories together.

5) Share Family History/Make a Family Tree:  I’m a huge genealogy nerd and love researching and learning more about my family’s history.  Take the time to talk with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents to jot down those family stories.  Make videos or audio recordings that you can keep and refer to for years to come.  This is another of those gift ideas that has a value beyond measure.

6) Ask to be Taught Something:  Is there a hobby or craft you’ve wanted a family member or friend to teach you?  Could be quilting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, cooking, painting, woodworking, fishing.  Ask for time with that special someone and continue another tradition that you can pass along as well in the future.

7) Family Pictures:  This may incur a little bit of cost by the gift giver, but it will be well worth it.  Ask for a copy of your favorite family pictures.  Maybe they’re copies of pictures of you as a kid or of family members when they were younger.  In this digital age, pictures can be scanned and passed along on a flash drive, making it even easy to make copies and pass them along to family.

8) Family Walking Tour:  Visit the neighborhood where your parents grew up.  Check out the church where your grandparents were married and other places of importance for your family.  Ask those special family members who know all about it to act as your guide.  It’s yet another opportunity to learn your family’s history and build memories to pass along for years to come.  Just don’t forget to take lots of pictures along the way!

9) Memory book:  This is something I did for my mom’s 50’s birthday and it was a hit!  I asked family members and friends to write down some of their favorite memories on cards and compiled them into a small album for her to read through.  I made copies of photos of her throughout the years and alternated those with the cards.  Two of the cards written to her were from a friend who lost her battle with cancer just a couple weeks before my mom’s birthday.  Those and many other of the little notes are something she truly cherishes.  Ask people to hand write notes, send along pictures or other mementos to include in the memory book.  I’m sure it will be a very treasured gift.

10) Pictures/letters from kids:  Memories aren’t just things to be passed down.  There’s something special about children passing up their perspective of life to their older family members.  Ask the littles in your family to draw pictures of memories they have with you.  Parents can ask kids to write letters as well to family members.  No one will deny the joy that comes with passing along these little gems of youth.

What are some of your favorite free gifts to add to your wish list?  Share them with us on Facecbook!