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Baby’s First Birthday Wish List

My baby is almost a year old! That first year went by in a flash, and I’m already planning our Little Miss’s first birthday party. With every child’s birthday, family and friends will ask what your child needs or wants, but that’s all up to you with a one-year-old. Here’s how I approached my daughter’s wish list for this very special first birthday.

What does she need now?
We had the baby shower just over a year ago, so there aren’t too many big things that she really needs. But that may not be the case for most kids. If you’re a first time parent, there may have been things you’ve seen or read about that you would find very useful. This would be the time to add it to the wish list.

What might she need in the next 6 months?
Take a look at your child’s closet. Are you loaded up on one clothing size more than another? How about age-appropriate toys and books? Reload your stash at birthday time.

What activities will you want to do with her over the next year?
Are there any special mommy and me classes that you’d like to do with her? Other special activities that require buying tickets? Gifts don’t have to be all about stuff. Add an age appropriate experience that you’d like to do that someone can give you as a gift.

What collections or bigger items would you like to start building towards for her?
Maybe it’s books or music. Maybe it’s materials to build her a tree house or something special for her bedroom. It could even be material to make quilts or bedding or toys. Or even a Add-a-Pearl necklaces. What about savings for college? Add a gift item for those who like to make birthday presents more of an investment for the child than just a one time gift.

What everyday essentials could she use?
Sometimes the easiest and best gifts to give are those that you know will be used every day. Diapers, lotion, bath soap, even some of your child’s favorite little snacks. You may be surprised at how excited your child is when they open up one of these gifts and recognizing it as something that they use and enjoy daily.

Are you planning your child’s birthday? Whether it’s a first or older birthday, log on to Giftster to help gift givers get gifts right for your little one.