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3 Quick Birthday Wish List Tips

Earlier this month, I talked about how I was making my daughter’s birthday wish list. Sometimes as parents, we focus so much on our kids with their birthdays and parties that we forget about our own. The older I get, the more my birthday just sort of creeps up on me. My younger son, on the other hand, has his birthday planned anywhere from 9 to 12 months in advance (no joke…he even has his birthday 2 years from now planned). Here are the three ways I keep my wish list updated before another year slides by.

1. Get the Giftster app on your phone

If I don’t write something down in the moment, it’s likely gone forever. Having the Giftster app on my phone allows me to jot down gift ideas as they cross my path so I have them to share when people ask. Sometimes, they aren’t too detailed but they give me a starting point for when I have time to sit down and add more information and links. Download the app today.


2. Write down your 3 favorite things

Some of the best presents are those that enhance something your already enjoy. Think of three things that you like or that you like to do, then write down 1 related gift idea for each of those things. For example, I like sock knitting, tea, and having pictures of my family around my house. Just with those three things, I can come up with three gift ideas, one related to each. I could use another set of sock blockers. I’m running out of my favorite rooibush cream caramel tea. I could use a few more picture frames for the family pictures we will be taking in a couple months. And just like that, I have more gift ideas for anyone who would like to spoil me.


3. Add items that you tell yourself that you can’t have

There are two things that I really enjoy that never seem to make it to the top of my “treat myself” list: massages and certain knitting and cooking magazine subscriptions. While they aren’t things that I will go out of my way to spend money on, they are things others could give to me as a gift and I’d be totally thrilled.


Update your wish list today before another birthday sneaks up on you. And don’t forget to add your birthday on your settings page so we can remind the gift givers in your life to take a look at your wish list (and remind others in your group to do the same so you won’t forget their birthdays).