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Add charitable donations to your wish list on Giving Tuesday

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Today is Giving Tuesday, a global movement focused on charitable giving and getting involved in your community. But donating to your favorite charity can go beyond this special day. Your Giftster wish list is the perfect place to list the causes you care most about so others can make a gift donation in your name.

Add charitable donations to your wish list just like any other item:

1. Go to your wish list and press add item.

2. Add the URL for the charity’s page into the web link box and press fetch.

3. Add any additional details you’d like gift givers to know and press save.


Several organizations have found Giftster to be a great place to create lists of items for donors to purchase from. Just like your own wish list, create a wish list and add items that your charity needs. Make sure to set the privacy of your list to Public so all donors (those who have Giftster accounts and those who do not) can shop your wish list. Find the link to share your list by clicking share under the name of your list and copying the the URL that comes up. Share your list on your website, in newsletters, and on social media!


Does your organization user Giftster? We’d love to hear your story! Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us how Giftster has helped your charity collect donations.


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