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Get your wish list 2019 ready!

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January to us at Giftster means an opportunity to get a jump on giving great gifts all year! Spending a little time taken today can save you a lot of gift giving stress in the weeks to come. Here’s what I’m doing today to get my Giftster ready for the rest of 2019.

Your Wish List

Reconcile last year’s Christmas wish list

We make it very easy to archive items from your wish list that you have received. Open up your wish list and for items you’ve received, click the I got this button. You’re I got this list will be there for you to reference in the future.


Update your list name or start a new list

Most times, I still have a few things on my previous list that I’d like to keep on there for future gift ideas. At the beginning of


Add items you’ve thought of since the holidays

Did the Instant Pot your sister opened have you thinking that you’d like one as well? How about when you remembered that you could really use a new pair of leather gloves and your birthday is next month? It’s never too early to start adding on to your list for the year. Add those few items now before you forget!


Your Group

Group Owners – End your Secret Santa draw

Time to clean up your Secret Santa draw so it’s ready for Christmas 2019! I know…I know…why are we talking about Christmas again so soon?! Check this one thing off your list now and you won’t have to do it later. All you need to do is go to my groups on the website and select the group where you created your Secret Santa draw. Scroll down and you’ll see the end draw button. Click it on this button to end your draw. We’ll remember all the exclusions you entered for this draw so you can use them next year (and we’ll remember who had whom so they don’t draw them next year). Everyone in your group can still use Giftster and should for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, house warmings, just because, Valentines Day, National Give Your Loved One a Gift day (okay…I may have made up that last one).


Invite other family members and friends to your group

I can hear you all saying, “but Aimée — don’t you tell us to do that during the holidays?” I do, indeed, remind you to do that then and will likely remind you of it come autumn. But if you had a family member not in on Giftster during the holidays, extend the invite now to get them in your group for the entire year.


Log on to your Giftster account. Spend 5 minutes on getting your Giftster organized today and you’ll be set for the entire year!

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