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The Forgetter's Guide to Using Giftster

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It seems that the older I get, the more I’m forgetting the little things. Those little things used to be easy to remember until I had to replace them with the big things from a teenager, tween, and toddler. When it comes to shopping for some of my everyday items as well as gifts for others, Giftster has become a great memory bank for these fine details.

I have a bunch of items that I use often but don’t have to purchase often. These items are the ones that I mostly forget the details of when it comes time to purchase them again. Some are items I buy in a store while others are things I order online. However, they aren’t things that I expect others to purchase.

This is the perfect job for private lists!

Here is a snapshot of my own “things I forget” list.

Some of the things I’ve included on it are…

  • printer ink cartridges
  • water filter replacements
  • light bulbs for that one lamp that uses non-standard bulbs
  • various make up items
  • coffee filters for my husband’s fancy coffee pot
  • hair products
  • personal care products that my husband uses that I may have to buy from time to time
  • shoe inserts (I really can never remember the style number)
  • electronic devices (so I know which ones I have if I’m shopping for accessories)

If I order the item online, I can use Fetch to capture all the details of the item, and can easily get back to the retailer to purchase it again through my private list. If I purchase the item through a local store, I can note where to find the item and even upload a picture of it so I don’t forget. With each of these item adding methods, I can include any other notes that will help me remember what to buy the next time I need to get it.

Then, I only need to remember this list any time I have to buy these items. It works so well for me and lets me not stress about forgetting the details later on.

Give it a spin! Take a minute and create your private list now so it’s ready any time you need to add these potentially forgetful items.

Do you have a unique use for Giftster? Tell me about it! Send me an email at [email protected] with the subject “Hey Aimee! Here’s how I use Giftster” and I may feature it on a future post.

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