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Welcome Gifts for Babies

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The anticipation around the arrival of Baby Sussex has me thinking about all the new babies my family and friends will be welcoming soon. In most cases, I’ve already given a shower gift but depending on how close I am to the family, I may also give a gift when the baby is born. I thought that I’d share some of the gifts I’m considering sending the new little ones, and a few specifically for the new mom and dad as well.

1 – Check their Giftster list. Look to see if there’s any thing left that the family may need and would be helpful for the baby. This is the best way to find a gift that is both useful and wanted by the new parents.

2 – Books. I love love LOVE giving books as gifts. It’s always my opinion that a child can never have too many books, especially if they’re coming from special family members. Consider a nice hardcover version of a storybook or a special illustrated copy of a classic. Maybe include a little personal note on the inside cover to make it a true keepsake.

3 – Clothing & Outfits. Especially for families who are waiting to find out the baby’s gender until they’re born, an outfit might be the perfect gift to welcome baby to the world. If you’re waiting until after the baby is born before giving clothing as a gift, consider purchasing a size other than newborn. If it is an outfit that’s appropriate for the current season, choose 0 to 3 month sizes; for the next season, consider 3 to 6 month sizes; and so on. When in doubt, always go just a little bit bigger. The baby will grow and should be able to fit into the outfit eventually.

4 – Restaurant Gift Cards. This is a gift more for mom and dad than for the wee little one. Those first few weeks are exhausting and challenging, especially for first-time moms and dads. A meal given will be a meal appreciate it! Or, depending on how close you are to the family and if you feel it’s appropriate, talk to the mom and dad about coordinating a meal train. If you have a lot of family and friends that are willing to participate, I don’t know any parents who will turn down having ready-to-go meals for those days where they just don’t want to cook.

5 – Diapers. Oh the diapers! Check with the parents if giving diapers is something they would like. But check to make sure if the family is planning on using disposable diapers (and if they have a brand preference), washable diapers, or if there is a diaper service they plan to use. Once you know, diapers will always be appreciated.

6 – Handmade Gifts. I think I’ve mentioned once or twice before that I am an avid crocheter and knitter, and I’ve made several gifts for new babies as well as received them when I had my babies. Handmade gifts are always so lovely and treasured. If you’re not a crafty person but love to give handmade gifts, there are several different places to look including local craft events, Etsy, and even cruising local gift shops. Many of the local shops in my area sell handmade items on consignment and there are several wonderful items to choose from.

7 – Gift Certificates to the Family’s Preferred Photographer. I have a dear friend who is a family and lifestyle photographer and takes thousands of pictures every year of babies and families. If you know the photographer that your friend or loved one is planning to use, a gift certificate or gift cards will be truly appreciated and used.

8 – Religious Gifts. It’s a custom in many faiths to welcome a new little one with a religious ceremony, and you may look for a gift to give marking the occasion. Talk with the parents to see if giving a religious gift would be the best way to honor their new arrival.

9 – Monetary Gifts. Start the new little one on the path of saving for their future! Check with the parents to see if they have a preferred 529 college savings plan or another savings fund that you can contribute to for the baby. Even a piggy bank with change in it can help the child learn the importance of saving.

10 – Your time. Ask the parents if you’re able to help out by watching the baby so they can get a little extra rest. This is a gift that doesn’t cost money, but is a gift that can be invaluable for some families, especially if the little one doesn’t like to give mom and dad a break.

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