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Activities & Experiences Make Great Wish List Ideas

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Warmer weather has us all wandering out of the house more often to do activities outdoors and away from home. It’s a great time to get those wish list ideas flowing! And Giftster is the perfect place to list and share these ideas for the holidays and your birthday.

Here are some things to consider for activity and experience wish list items.

Add the actual activity or experience.
If the activity you like to do most is tied to a business, ask if they have gift cards or certificates. Add the locations where they can be purchased to your list. Think golfing, hiking, sky diving, water sports, crafting, tours, food, and more.

Add Equipment
Need a new or upgraded tool? A new or bigger bag? Add it to your list now so you don’t forget later.

Is there a publication or subscription geared towards your favorite activity? Add it your wish list!

Save Up!
Is there a large experience you’re saving towards? While many don’t like to add money to their wish lists, adding it as a contribution to something bigger is a great idea. You may be surprised how many people will happily contribute to this larger gift, and it may help you check something off your bucket list.

Know something that someone in your group wants to try? Add it to their wish list! Click on Suggest an Item to share the idea with others in your group.

Have you started your 2019 wish list?
Log on to Giftster to create a new list or update an existing list. Then, add to your list all year!

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