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New! Giftster items now timestamped

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Over the past couple years, we’ve had members ask for items to be timestamped with when they were added to a wish list. Your wish is our command!

Each and every item you add to your Giftster wish list will be timestamped so the gift givers in your life will know how recently you added the gift idea. Likewise, you’ll be able to see when others have listed items. I find this helpful in a few different ways.

1 – You can tell if the item was recently added. If you’re looking for a gift idea that top of mind for the recipient, this is a great way to tell what’s just been added.

2 – You can tell if a person’s list needs an update. Sometimes, we have one or two people in our lives that need a little nudge to update their lists. If you see that the items they’ve added are older, you can send them a little note (anonymously if you’d like) asking them to refresh their list ideas.

3 – You can tell which items have been wished for longest. If the person you’re shopping for has updated their list and an item has been on the list for a while, it tells you which items they’ve had on their mind for a while.

4 – You can tell if an item has been updated. If the item has been edited, the timestamp will say “edited” along with the date when it was updated.

Log on to Giftster and check out item timestamps today!

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