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Gift Ideas for Foodies & Health Nuts

Gift Ideas For The Health Nut In Your Life

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March is National Nutrition Month! Do you have a friend or family member who loves healthy eating, cooking and/or gardening? Or maybe they are vegan or eat gluten-free and you’d like to surprise them with a treat they can enjoy even while on a special diet. They’ll appreciate you considered their diet before buying for them! Or better yet, do a little uncover work and find out what their favorite stores and foods are from another friend or family member.

Below are some creative gift ideas any health food lover will be sure to love for their birthday, an upcoming anniversary, or just because.

Gifts For The Healthy Cook

Freshly: Healthy pre-cooked meals delivered straight to your door.

Delicious Gluten-Free Gifts

Gracie Girl Bakery
Gift some gluten-free baked goods from Gracie Girl Bakery.

Sometimes healthy eating isn’t a choice, but a necessity. Does your friend or family member eat gluten-free? Introduce them to a new treat from one of these gluten-free bakeries:

Gardening Gift Ideas

Herb Starter Kit

Cater to your foodie loving friend’s gardening hobby or gift them the essentials they need to get started!

  • Herb Starter Kit
  • Gardening Gloves & Tools
  • Planters & Pots
  • Organic Seeds
  • Gift Certificate For Their Local Garden Center
  • Gardening Books or Magazine Subscriptions

Gift Cards & Subscriptions

Thrive Market Gift Cards

Buying for a picky person? I get it, I’m pretty picky when it comes to gifts and sometimes it’s fun to do the choosing!

A gift card to a local grocery store is always a safe choice. Or check out some of these health-focused online stores offering gift cards and subscriptions.

Add These Gift Ideas To Your List

Copy these gift ideas to your Giftster list or suggest them on a group member’s list.

We’ve added all of these gift ideas to Giftster so you can easily copy over any of the suggestions found in this article to your own list with just two clicks!

To use a Giftster gift idea list:

Log in to your Giftster account (Don’t have an account? Create one, it’s free!)
– View the gift idea list
– Click on any item to reveal more details
– Click the “I want this too” button to copy the item to your list.

Do you have a family member in your Giftster group who loves to eat healthily but hasn’t been keeping their Giftster list updated? Help out your group by adding some of these suggested items to their list with the “Suggested Items” feature (found at the bottom of your group member’s list).

View the list on Giftster: Gift Ideas For Healthy Eaters

Happy gifting!

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