Gift Ideas for Crafters
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Fabulous Gift Ideas for Crafters & Makers

Inspiration abounded with March’s National Craft Month and it got me thinking about gift ideas for makers. I may have mentioned a time (or two or three) that I’m an avid crocheter and knitter, and receiving gifts that are influenced by or enable me to make my favorite things. And I’m sure that I’m not alone! 

Do you have a maker or crafter in your life who has a birthday coming up? Here are gift ideas that will bring loads of smiles!

Watercolors are one of the world’s oldest types of paint.

Drawing & Painting


Knitting and crocheting have been shown to be great ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Knitting & Crocheting

Leather Crafting


Pottery is an age-old craft dating back thousands of years.



There are between 7-10 million quilters in the United States.

Sewing & Quilting


Beginner Crafters

For those who have said “I’ve always wanted to learn how to…,” this list is for you! And don’t forget the littles in your life! Find craft kits for kids who love to keep their hands busy by making fun projects.

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