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Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Traditions

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Every Year

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We often think of gift giving traditions for weddings, but what about anniversary gift traditions?

Couples everywhere have their own take. In fact, my husband and I give each other no gifts at all! Instead, he gets odd years, I get even years, and we plan a surprise outing for the other. Sometimes it’s a weekend excursion, other years it’s a day trip to somewhere we’ve never been. For our 10th anniversary, I surprised him with dinner at a high-end restaurant where suits were required, it took 3 hours for the entire 21-course meal, and cost more than our mortgage (I regret nothing; it took me months to save for and was totally worth it).

Anniversary gifts rooted in tradition

But where does the tradition of anniversary gifting begin? According to this article from TIME, there are strong roots in anniversary gift traditions in Germany, and they made a much stronger appearance in England in the 19th century, especially in the Victorian era. As time has passed, couples everywhere celebrate anniversaries in ways that best represent their union, sometimes following these long-rooted traditions.

Traditional or modern…something for every couple

Below is a list of the traditional, modern, gemstone, and floral gift themes that correspond with each anniversary year. Use them as a starting point and get creative! For example, for paper, consider personalized stationery or a book (that’s made from paper) that has special meaning (I have one friend who personalized a book for her hubby for their first anniversary).

Depending on your partner, you may go either the practical or indulgent route, or even switch it up year to year. And if you’re looking to point your spouse in a direction, you can create a special anniversary wish list with gift ideas for them to choose from.

Whether it’s your first anniversary, your fifteenth, your fiftieth, or somewhere in between, these gift ideas are a great starting point for celebrating you and your sweetie.

1st Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Paper
Modern Gift: Clocks
Gemstone: Gold Jewelry
Flower: Carnation

2nd Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Cotton
Modern Gift: China
Gemstone: Garnet
Flower: Lily of the Valley

3rd Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Leather
Modern Gift: Crystal / Glass
Gemstone: Pearl
Flower: Sunflower

4th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Fruit / Flowers; UK: Linen / Silk
Modern Gift: Electrical Appliances
Gemstone: Blue Topaz
Flower: Hydrangea

5th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Wood
Modern Gift: Silverware
Gemstone: Sapphire
Flower: Daisy

6th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Iron; UK: Candy
Modern Gift: Wood
Gemstone: Amethyst
Flower: Calla Lilies

7th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Copper; UK: Wool
Modern Gift: Brass Desk Sets
Gemstone: Onyx
Flower: Freesia

8th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Bronze / Pottery; UK: Salt
Modern Gift: Linen / Lace
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Flower: Lilac

9th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Willow / Pottery; UK: Copper
Modern Gift: Leather
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Flower: Bird of Paradise

10th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Aluminum / Tin; UK: Tin
Modern Gift: Diamonds / Jewelry
Gemstone: Diamond
Flower: Daffodil

11th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Steel
Modern Gift: Fashion Jewelry / Accessories
Gemstone: Turquoise
Flower: Tulip

12th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Home Décor; UK: Linen / Silk
Modern Gift: Pearls / Colored Gems
Gemstone: Jade
Flower: Peony

13th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Lace
Modern Gift: Textiles / Furs
Gemstone: Citrine
Flower: Chrysanthemum

14th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Ivory
Modern Gift: Gold / Jewelry
Gemstone: Opal
Flower: Orchid

15th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Crystal
Modern Gift: Watches
Gemstone: Ruby
Flower: Rose

16th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Silver Holloware
Gemstone: Peridot

17th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Furniture
Gemstone: Watches

18th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Porcelain
Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

19th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Bronze
Gemstone: Aquamarine

20th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: China
Modern Gift: Platinum
Gemstone: Emerald
Flower: Aster

21st Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Brass / Nickel
Gemstone: Emerald / Iolite

22nd Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Copper
Gemstone: Spinel

23rd Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Silver Plate
Gemstone: Imperial Topaz

24th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Musical Instruments
Gemstone: Tanzanite

25th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Silver
Modern Gift: Sterling Silver
Gemstone: Silver Jubilee
Flower: Iris

26th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Original Pictures

27th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Sculpture

28th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Orchids

29th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: New Furniture

30th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Pearl
Modern Gift: Diamond
Gemstone: Pearl
Flower: Lily

31st Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Timepieces

32nd Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Conveyances

33rd Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Amethyst

34th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Opal

35th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: US: Coral / Jade; UK: Coral
Modern Gift: Jade
Gemstone: Emerald

36th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Bone China

37th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Alabaster

38th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Beryl / Tourmaline

39th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Lacy

40th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Ruby
Gemstone: Ruby
Flower: Gladiolus

41st Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Land

42nd Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Improved Real Estate

43rd Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Travel

44th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Groceries

45th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Sapphire
Gemstone: Sapphire

46th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Original Poetry Tribute

47th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Books

48th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Optical Goods

49th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Luxury Items

50th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Gold
Modern Gift: Gold
Gemstone: Gold
Flower: Yellow Rose & Violets

55th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Emerald
Gemstone: Alexandrite

60th Anniversary Gifts

Modern Gift: Diamond
Gemstone: Diamond

70th Anniversary Gifts

Gemstone: Platinum

75th Anniversary Gifts

Gemstone: Sapphire

80th Anniversary Gifts

Gemstone: Ruby

85th Anniversary Gifts

Gemstone: Moonstone

Log into your Giftster account today to add anniversary gifts that align with these themes or the traditions you’ve built with your sweetie.

Happy gifting!

Featured photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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