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Half Birthday Celebration Ideas

Should You Celebrate Your Child’s Half Birthday?

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Birthdays can be the one day a year that someone gets exactly what they want, allowing them to put themselves first for a day and enjoy their time however they like best. Your child’s birthday party is a great opportunity for them to express their personality and share their interests with their peers.

For winter babies, however, the options for outdoor birthday parties can be much more limited (there are only so many birthday parties that you can enjoy at the ice skating rink). Growing up with a winter birthday can have fewer options for activities compared to those lucky kids who were born in the summertime.

Luckily, there is a brilliant solution for this problem: half birthdays. 

How can you calculate half birthdays?

Your half birthday can be celebrated on the same day of the month that is six months away from your actual birthday. So if your birthday is November 11th, then (using this format) your half birthday would be May 11th.

Alternatively, you can use an online calculator to count exactly 183 days from your birthdate. Using this method, if your birthday is on the 26th, your half birthday might land on the 27th or 28th instead.

Using either method, determining the half birthday of your winter baby is an excellent way to provide them an opportunity to celebrate during the warmer summer months instead of during the dead of winter.

Why should you start celebrating half birthdays?

Celebrating a half birthday provides you with an additional opportunity to create reasons to celebrate. While not everyone celebrates half birthdays, it will teach your children that you can always find reasons to celebrate if you are looking for them.

At the same time, the significance of the date of your half birthday is not arbitrary, so there is reasoning behind the choice to celebrate at that time. With a mixture of “just because” and loose reasoning for the timing of the party, celebrating a half birthday can be both casual and special for your child.

You might celebrate your child’s half birthday because…

  • Their birthday falls on a popular holiday or vacation time (holiday break or spring break) and they are not able to celebrate with their friends
  • A popular holiday or event falls around their birthday (Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl) and overshadows it
  • They were sick on their birthday or something else got in the way of having a party
  • Just because! (Why not?)

How should you celebrate a half birthday?

A half birthday can be celebrated however your family chooses to do so. It may be just a good reason to gather family and friends together for a celebration with some or all of the usual birthday accessories. 

You will probably choose to serve cake or other desserts at the party, but presents may be optional. For children with winter birthdays who typically receive presents that go well with that time of year, it will be thrilling to finally have the opportunity to receive a squirt gun or new swimsuit as a birthday present instead of a winter jacket and cold weather toys.

You might celebrate by…

  • Partaking in an activity that they love that is unavailable during their actual birthday
  • Make their favorite seasonal meals, snacks, or desserts—perhaps spending time cooking together as part of the celebration! 
  • Make half a cake or half cookies to tie into the half birthday theme
  • Have a toy swap or collect toys to donate (decluttering instead of bringing in new presents)
  • Or even design a nerf battlefield course indoors or out to take advantage of nice weather (fun for even the adults to partake in).

A party is a party for everyone

Of course, celebrating a half birthday for a summer child can be an exciting experience as well, providing them the opportunity to try out a winter themed birthday and make an effort at fairness between siblings. If one kid is able to celebrate a half birthday over the summer, the others can celebrate thiers in winter just the same.

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Happy gifting!

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