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Unforgettable Father’s Day Activities

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect occasion for bonding with your Dad, Grandpa, Pop-Pop, Daddy, Husband, and any other amazing father-figure in your life. 

And let’s face it. Unless your dad really wants wine, flowers, and a bubble bath, you can’t exactly reuse the same gift ideas you had for mom. You’ll have to think a bit harder this time around (or check their Giftster list 😉).

For the men who like bratwurst, baseball, beer, birdwatching, and everything in between, has you covered. Here are some unforgettable Father’s Day activities to enjoy together. 

Take your dad on an outdoor adventure.

Pack up some snacks and sunscreen and head into the great outdoors for a Father’s Day adventure. If your dad is a nature enthusiast, plan a hike. For a real thrill seeker, book a white water rafting trip. And if he enjoys relaxing, find a fantastic spot for quietly competitive fishing.

Plan a Father’s Day BBQ of your dad’s favorite foods.

Burgers, sausages, hotdogs, chicken, steaks, portabella mushrooms, kabobs… the list of delicious dad-friendly grill foods never ends. Fill a cooler with beers, stick a spatula in his hand, and let Dad teach you (for the tenth time) how to grill to perfection.

Give him an excuse to use power tools.

Do the birds need a birdhouse? Do your collectible action figures need a new shelf? If your dad likes to tinker, asking him to build something with you is the best Father’s Day activity. Measure twice, cut once, and watch him have the time of his life with you or his kids.

Offer to help your dad do some chores.

There are some chores your father might enjoy and others he’d love to let you do for him. Offer to spread some mulch while he mows. Or, better yet, tell Mom that Dad’s car “needs” to be vacuumed, washed, and waxed, and spend a few hours together making it shine.

Get tickets for a sporting event.

Imagine the smile on your dad’s face if he opens a jersey and tickets to his favorite sporting event on Father’s Day. Going to a game lets you shout, cheer, and enjoy stadium food. Plus, you’ll have some time to bond in a sports arena instead of in front of the TV.

Let your dad spend a few hours on his own.

Sometimes, fathers need space. Plan a bonding activity or two, but keep in mind that alone time might also be an unforgettable Father’s Day activity. Offer him some peace and quiet to read a book, play video games, or fiddle with his latest hobby.

Schedule some alone time with your husband.

If you have kids, consider planning adult time after they’re in bed. You could make his favorite cocktail, rent the movie he’s been waiting to watch, and cook bacon as a midnight snack. If his Father’s Day present from you happens to be new lingerie, he probably won’t mind that, either.

Happy Father’s Day!

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