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Birthday cake recipes

50 Delicious Birthday Cake Recipes

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At Giftster, we know birthdays and can appreciate a really good birthday cake. As if we need a reason to eat cake – celebrating a birthday is an excellent one.

To inspire your next birthday celebration, we’ve compiled 50 delicious birthday cake recipes that are perfect for anyone you want to celebrate – from kids to co-workers and picky eaters to baking connoisseurs.

Birthday Cakes for Kids

1. Rainbow Cake: For a treat full of color and fun, create this beautiful rainbow layer cake.

Photo and recipe by The Comfort of Cooking

2. Pinata Cake: You can fill a piñata cake with your choice of treats or candies for a fun and delicious surprise. 

Photo and recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

3. Cake Pops: An enjoyable cross between a cake and a lollipop, these cake pops are bite-size balls of happiness for kids.

Photo and Recipe by I Heart Naptime

4. Funfetti Cake: Even the adults at a kid’s birthday party will rave about this moist cake with sprinkles and layers of buttercream.

Photo and Recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

5. Pink Ombre Cake: This beautiful pink cake will make a birthday girl feel special.

Photo and Recipe by Woman’s Day

6. Chocolate Sprinkle Cake: This cake has chocolate and sprinkles. What more could a kid ask for on their birthday?

Photo and Recipe by Sprinkles for Breakfast

7. Milk and Cookies Cake: Any kid who loves cookies will also love this cake made from layers of fluffy white cake and edible cookie dough.

Photo and Recipe by Style Sweet

8. Strawberry Cake: If your kids love strawberries, they’ll love this fresh tasting, pink strawberry birthday cake.

Photo and Recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

Adult-Beverage Themed Birthday Cakes

9. Chocolate Guinness Cake: With a combination of rich chocolate and dark Guinness, there won’t be a crumb left of this cake.

Photo and Recipe by Taste of Home

10. Coffee and Baileys Cake: This vanilla cake is flavored with Baileys and layered with chocolate ganache and a coffee Baileys Swiss meringue buttercream.

Photo and Recipe by Liv for Cake

11. Champagne Cake:  Try making this champagne cake that is filled with strawberries and iced with champagne Italian meringue buttercream.

Photo and Recipe by Of Batter and Dough

12. Red Wine Chocolate Cake: This rich cake tastes just a little boozy and not too chocolatey, the perfect balance for a fan of red wine.

Photo and Recipe by Baker by Nature

13. Margarita Cake: If you like tequila and lime, you’ll love this tender and moist cake with layers of margarita flavor.

Photo and Recipe by Life Love and Sugar

14. Caribbean Style Rum Cake: This cake looks simple, but it has a lot of rum and is sure to keep the birthday party going.

Photo and Recipe by King Arthur Baking Company

15. Espresso Martini Cake: You’ll love celebrating with this boozy, tiramisu-inspired cake.

Photo by Toby Scott and Recipe by Emily Jonzen in Sainsbury’s Magazine

Birthday Cakes with Unique Flavors

16. Candy Cane Cake: This peppermint cake is perfect for birthdays around the winter holidays, or for anyone who loves a minty treat.

Photo by Brian Woodcock and Recipe from Country Living

17. Snickerdoodle Cake: Turn the classic cookie into a crowd-pleasing birthday cake with vanilla cake, pockets of cinnamon, and brown sugar cinnamon buttercream.

Photo and Recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

18. Lavender Cake: For a light, floral flavor, try this beautiful and delicious lavender cake with cream cheese icing.

Photo and Recipe by Savor the Best

19. Coconut Italian Wedding Cake: Delicate coconut cake layers, coconut whipped cream frosting, and toasted coconut flakes make up this birthday cake.

Photo and Recipe by Tatyana’s Everyday Food

20. Matcha Cake: Matcha’s unique earthy flavor is the highlight of this sweet, green layered cake with buttercream.

Photo and Recipe by Chelsweets

21. Hummingbird Cake: Hummingbird cake is a sweet combination of banana and pineapple paired with cream cheese frosting.

Photo and Recipe by Broma Bakery

22. Cinnamon Roll Cake: This unique birthday cake recipe tastes just like a cinnamon roll.

Photo and Recipe by The Country Cook

23. Espresso Chocolate Chip Cake: This delicious birthday cake recipe gives a whole new meaning to coffee cake.

Photo and Recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

Chocolate-Lovers Birthday Cakes

24. Red Velvet Cake: This soft, chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting is a classic.

Photo and Recipe by RecipeTin Eats

25. Triple Chocolate Cake: No chocolate lover will be able to resist the chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, and moist chocolate cake.

Photo and Recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

26. Chocolate Lava Cake: There’s nothing quite like melted, fudgy chocolate inside a chocolate cake.

Photo and Recipe by Preppy Kitchen

27. Double Chocolate Malt Cake: This cake combines the richness of chocolate with the flavor of malt for a salty kick.

Photo and Recipe by Top With Cinnamon

28. White Chocolate Cake: This delicious and beautiful birthday cake has layers of white chocolate.

Photo and Recipe by Liv for Cake

29. German Chocolate Cake: If you know chocolate, you know German chocolate cake, with its chocolate cake and coconut frosting. 

Photo and Recipe by Tastes Better from Scratch

30. Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake: This cake adds salt and caramel to decadent chocolate.

Photo and Recipe by Baker by Nature

31. Easy Chocolate Cake: Sometimes, you just need an easy but amazing chocolate birthday cake.

Photo and Recipe by Add a Pinch

Non-Cake Birthday Cakes

32. Watermelon Cake: Make a birthday cake out of a fresh slice of watermelon, cream, and sliced fruit.

Photo and Recipe by TaraTeaspoon

33. Rice Crispy Birthday Cake: Top a giant rice-crispy treat with rich buttermilk frosting.

Photo and Recipe by Kailey’s Kitchen

34. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake: This traditional giant chocolate chip cookie is a tasty birthday treat.

Photo and Recipe by Life Love and Sugar

35. Funfetti Pancakes: Combine a birthday with breakfast with these sprinkle-filled pancakes.

Photo and Recipe by Tastes of Lizzy T

36. Ice Cream Cake: Create a cake out of layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Photo and Recipe by Live Love and Sugar

37. Doughnut Cake: With doughnuts and a big drizzle of fudge sauce, you can make this creative birthday cake.

Photo and Recipe by Broma Bakery

38. Cheese Wheel Cake: For a savory twist on a birthday cake, try one made out of cheese wheels.

Photo and Recipe by Ain’t Too Proud to Meg

Birthday Cakes for Dietary Restrictions

39. Keto Vanilla Cake: This cake is sugar free and low carb, and perfect for a keto birthday.

Photo and Recipe by The Big Man’s World

40. Vegan Chocolate Cake: This amazing chocolate cake is compliant with a vegan way of eating.

Photo and Recipe by Nora Cooks

41. Gluten Free Vanilla Cake: With its light and airy cake layers, this gluten-free cake tastes delicious.

Photo and Recipe by Gluten Free on a Shoestring

42. 100 Calorie Chocolate Cake: This low-calorie, delicious recipe just proves that you can have your birthday cake, and eat it, too.

Photo and Recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie

43. Healthy Carrot Cake: This cake is gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and full of vegetables.

Photo and Recipe by Ambitious Kitchen

44. Dairy-Free Vanilla Cake: This moist vanilla cake is dairy-free and tastes delicious.

Photo and Recipe by Caked by Katie

45. Fat-Free Cake: This two-ingredient fluff cake is fat-free and incredibly easy to make.

Photo and Recipe by Yummy Healthy Easy

Shaped Birthday Cakes

46. Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake: For an easy birthday cake in any shape, try one made out of cupcakes. 

Photo by Sydney Watson and Recipe by Taste of Home

47. Number Cake: Celebrate the age of the birthday guy or gal with a cake in the shape of a number.

Photo and Recipe by A Classic Twist

48. Sphere Cake: If you can turn a cake into a sphere, you can use it for birthday themes like sports, space, or disco.

Photo and Recipe by Veena Azmanov

49. Vertical Striped Cake: Flip your cake layers for a unique shape and style.

Photo and Recipe by King Arthur Baking

50. Tiered Cake: You usually see these at weddings, but try a stacked cake to feed a birthday crowd.

Photo and Recipe by Sally’s Baking Recipes

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Happy baking!

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