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Forgive me Giftsters – I bought my sister-in-law an off-list gift

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I have a little confession to make.  Occasionally, I go off-list to buy a gift.

I can hear you all as I type this: “OH NO!  Not Aimee!  She always tells us to stay ON list, not go OFF list to give a great gift!”

It’s true.  Most of the gifts I do give since using Giftster have come off of others’ wish lists.  However, from time to time when it seems appropriate, I come up with a gift idea that someone did not wish for.

You may do the same or you may have someone in your life that just doesn’t like to use wish lists.  As we’ve discussed before, this can be tricky and can come with high risk.  But even if you plan to go off-list to buy your gift, you can still use Giftster as a tool to guide you in the right direction.

Check “Gift Preferences” to make sure you’re on target

Your Gift Preference Profile allows you to let others know important information like clothing and jewelry sizes, your hobbies and interests, personal preferences like music and organizations you support, and even a section designated for what not to get you.  You may find a screaming protest to your idea here, so double check to be sure.

Give a complimenting gift for an item that’s listed

This is what I did for my sister-in-law.  I can’t tell you exactly what it is because it will give away the surprise if she reads my post.  Let’s just say that there’s something she really really likes and I’ve already marked that item purchased.  But there was something I thought would be cute to give with this particular item.  I double checked with my brother-in-law who gave his seal of approval and I can’t wait to give it to her.  So the lesson here is to pick something from the list you know they’ll love, match it up with something unique and awesome, and before you buy anything, double check with the significant other.

Take your chances if you think you’ll get it right

Remember, 1 out of 3 gifts given miss the mark in some way.  Unless you’re very sure that they’ll love it, stick to the list.  Or, at the very least, make sure you include a gift receipt.

Log in and check out the gift preferences for those in your group.  Even if you plan to stick to the list, you may find out a something you didn’t know that will help you be a better gift giver for the person.

And after the holiday, I will let you know what my sister-in-law thought of her gift.

Happy Gifting!

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